Aquera System


We have develop over 30 years a unique Human health system to free humanity from diseases and emotional stress and bring balance back in the emotional and physical body.

Resonance Immunotherapy is a technology developed by Aquera, based on bioinformatics, epigenetics, quantum physics and genetics among other sciences.

The software developed by Aquera matches voice recordings and brain wave measurements to a large database of wave frequencies related to emotions and pathologies. To obtain the voice and brain wave samples, it registers voice sound waves using the Blue Snowball Ice microphone and brain waves using the MUSE headband. The database contains over 7300 International Disease Names (IDN’s) and is based on the NCBI database.

From those genetic sequences, a vibrational pattern is then calculated, based on formulas from bioinformatics and quantum physics. Once a voice and/or brain wave recording has been made, the Aquera software analyzes the raw wave patterns as measured in the client. Using complex algorithms, the system then compares the waves with the database as described above It takes into consideration the strength (amplitude) of the waves and the repetition of wave patterns to determine how important this problem currently is in the body. Additionally, one IDN consists of multiple frequencies. The system is therefore able to differentiate between clients who only display a low number of frequencies of an IDN or a high amount of frequencies linked to an IDN. Combining all this data allows the software to differentiate between pathologies that are currently present and active in the body, or more dormant problems that are not yet causing physical changes.

The wave patterns being measured are part of a communication system between the immune system and the brain by cytokine release. When a cell is not functioning properly (e.g. because it’s infected by a virus or because DNA is damaged), it is recognized and destructed by T-cells. Cytokines, which are fragments of this destructed cell (including small parts of DNA), are transported through the lymphatic system towards the glymphatic system and thus presented to the brain. As a response to these cytokines, the brain signals the immune system (both through nerve cell signaling and communication through the glymphatic system towards the lymph system towards the affected region in the body). Each cytokine has its own specific wave pattern. The Aquera software can then copy these wave patterns and put them into sound balances. Listening to these sound balances reinforces the information the brain is already receiving (and acting on) from the immune system and thus generates a stronger response of the immune system against those diseases. Because of this, once a diagnosis has been made with VA Aquera Technologies, additional VA Aquera sound balances can be compiled to treat the disease and emotions to gain a bather health and emotional state.

Based on clinical studies, causative evidence, and clinical interviews, CIFAL Argentina accredited it in May 2019 endorsed and accredited it:

To be an efficient and revolutionary technology that uses bioinformatics in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide spectrum of human pathologies, and
To be a therapeutic modality that improves and promotes health and wellbeing.